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Opening an actual shop!

With the website going well and the lockdown restrictions easing, the idea of a physical shop began floating around my head. Once there's a 'bee in my bonnet' anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm a woman on a mission!

The first thing was to decide where would be a good place to open Willow & Nutmeg. It wasn't long before Camberley was settled on. Then the grown up stuff of finding a suitable premise began. In no time at all the unit opposite Superdrug in the shopping centre was chosen. The legalities with these things take time, patience is not my strongest virtue, but patient we were.

Sourcing fixtures and fittings along with deciding on a colour scheme etc were some of the simpler, more fun things to do. Sorting out a card payment machine and music licence some of the necessities. One of the best things about coming to Camberley was all the support and encouragement from the shopping centre staff and other independant retailers who were a mine of information.

June 28, 2021 we got the keys to 7 Prince of Wales Walk, Camberley. The wonderful

decorators moved in the following week and within 10 days we were ready to open! Was Camberley ready for us though?

The amazing Mayor of Surrey Heath, Sarah Croke officiated at the opening and yes, she cut the ribbon! Several members of family and friends also made the grand occasion along with centre management. It was a great day but somewhat scary!

It didn't take long for 'strangers' to pop in for a mooch, a chat and even to purchase. Everyone was so kind and encouraging. I cannot tell you how many times people commented that it was so lovely to see an new independant business in